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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Antibiotic Resistance Management Initiative spreading across India

Two events, one- where IIMAR is taking up its first public programme for spreading the message about Rational use of Antibiotics and the other in which IIMAR is an active participant, are taking place across the Indian nation during the week starting 24th August 2009.

GARP-India Meet on 24‐25 August, 2009
GLOBAL ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE PARTNERSHIP (GARP) – A five Nation project by Resources for Future, USA, is holding `GARP‐India Inaugural meeting` at New Delhi on 24‐25 August, 2009 on the topic `Antibiotic Resistance in India: Current Status and Avenues for Policy Change'. The meeting will be chaired by Prof. N.K. Ganguly, Chairman of the GARP‐India National Working Group; Distinguished Biotechnology Fellow, Adviser, National Institute of Immunology and Adviser, Honorable Minister of Health and Family Welfare. Dr. A.J. Tamhankar, National Coordinator of IIMAR is participating in this meeting and will project the views of members of IIMAR. This meeting will help in evolving a road map for future activities on antibiotic resistance management.

IIMAR campaign on Rational use of Antibiotics starts at Trichy on 24th August 2009

While the GARP meet is being held in New Delhi in the Northern part of India, coinciding with this, during the week beginning 24th August 2009, in the Southern part of India at Trichy in Tamil Nadu, IIMAR is starting its campaign to spread awareness about rational use of Antibiotics.
At Trichy, the campaign will be conducted by Mr. Ramesh Nachimuthu, a young doctoral student of Bharatidasan University with able support by seniors of the microbiology department, his doctoral supervisors and his /friends and colleagues. The Vice-Chancellor of the University is giving full encouragement to this activity.
Dr. A. J. Tamhankar, National Coordinator-IIMAR has been coordinating this effort for quite sometime now and the campaign will now take place starting 24th August. During the campaign, brochures creating awareness about rational Use of antibiotics will be distributed to Physicians, pharmacists and the general public.
The distribution material is available with Dr. Tamhankar and all others who are interested in taking up this type of activity can contact him at to obtain the material.