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Friday, July 2, 2010

IIMAR –ReAct : Agreement for cooperation on antimicrobial resistance management

`Indian Initiative for Management for Antibiotic Resistance` – IIMAR -and `Action on Antibiotic Resistance`- ReAct (Sweden) have entered into an `Agreement for cooperation` to work together towards developing programmes for promotion of management of Antibiotic Resistance in particular in India and also at international level.

The activities will generally focus on

  • Antibiotic resistance awareness and management - Field activities
  • Antibiotic resistance awareness and management -Web based activities
  • Aid to post-graduate students in Indian Universities for projects on infections, resistant bacteria, resistance management and similar projects
  • To promote, network and cooperate with South Asian, South-East Asian and Asian Initiatives on antibiotic resistance management

While ReAct will put forward funds (about Rs 10 Lakhs) for this programme and will also make available its expertise, IIMAR will actively pursue the activities in India and the Asian region. ReAct has a vast experience in promoting management of Antibiotic Resistance at the national level in Sweden and is also internationally working towards achieving the goal.

All concerned are requested to please come forward to take part in this programme to conduct these activities at their home base. While you volunteer your time and efforts, IIMAR provides support and funds.