Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Shocking to know people don't know what does "antibiotic resistance" actually mean!

"People in UK have no idea what the term "antibiotic resistance" actually means", reveals a study commissioned by  Wellcome Trust.

Most people surveyed mentioned that they thought antibiotic resistance means their own body became resistant to the antibiotic. They did not know that it is the micro-organism that became resistant. This misconception is a serious issue as they then felt that antibiotic resistance is not their problem but someone else's.

This information is shocking coming from a developed nation like UK. This could only mean that the terms used by the media and the doctors to the public need more clarification and simplification to enable better communication and understanding of this pandemic issue. The situation in developing countries will be far worse. For a country like India, there is widespread 'know-do' gap that exists which needs to be bridged in healthcare and specially in the area of 'antibiotic resistance'.