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Monday, October 17, 2011

Fatal resistance

Antibiotic Resistance has spread 'widely and wildly' among the disease causing bacteria. Resistant bacteria are everywhere; in hospitals, in community, inside our body -on our body, in agriculture, in animals, in the environment surrounding us,..... everywhere. You think of a place and they are there. They make the use of antibiotics ineffective, when we take them, when we are ill.

 "Down to Earth" magazine has brought out an issue with a cover story on "Antibiotic Resistance", which has contributions by Vibha Varshney, Dinsa Sachan and Sonal Matharu, who have talked to experts in this field, to bring into focus all aspects of this issue. Dinsa Sachan contacted me to elicit my views on the issue, which reflect in the cover story. We are thankful to her and the magazine for helping in spreading the awareness about the problem of the emerging threat of "Antibiotic resistance". - Dr. A.J. Tamhankar

The details of the article can be found at, .