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Thursday, January 29, 2015

U.S President's higher budget allocation for antibiotic resistance

Contributed by: Dr. Akilesh Ramasamy & Dr. Tamhankar

FACT SHEET: President’s 2016 Budget Proposes Historic Investment to Combat Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria to Protect Public Health
Nearly double the amount of Federal Funding for fighting antibiotic resistance and preventing has been allocated by U.S President in 2016 budget.

The funds will be utilized for improvement of antibiotic stewardship, to strengthen antibiotic resistance risk assessment, surveillance and reporting capabilities as well as for research purposes. This represents a proactive movement by a Government that needs to be followed by other countries as well.
Allocation of funds of this magnitude may not be possible for every country. But if the available funds are utilised in proper ways with strengthening of the antibiotic resistance surveillance systems with centralised reporting and learning systems development will be a first step towards fighting antibiotic resistance in developing countries like India.

Also education of the medical practitioners as well as common people on abuse of antibiotics is necessary. Wake up India to the perils of antibiotic abuse !

Source: White house Press Release