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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Hand hygiene day at AIIMS Patna

Report by Dr Sayan Bhattacharyya, Microbiology department, AIIMS, Patna 
On 5th May, world hand hygiene day was celebrated in AIIMS Patna. Patients were made aware in OPD, about the importance of hand hygiene. They were also shown videos as to when and how one should wash hands ( 6 steps and 5 points). Packs of hand wash and hand sanitizers were distributed to the patients and their attendants. Doctors and nurses also participated in the program.
Two skits or street plays were also performed by students and staff in the OPD to make patients aware of the importance of hand hygiene in preventing infections. A questionnaire based survey was conducted on the patients to know their hand wash practices. About 80% said they washed hands before eating and after defecation. A few said that they scrubbed hands with ash/soil, which they were told by us not to. Then printed educative materials were also distributed to the patients, and they were shown how to wash and sanitize hands. After the program, all (100%) patients participating, could demonstrate the 6 steps of hand washing correctly.
The honourable Director, Dr Prabhat Kumar Singh addressed the students, residents, faculty and other staff and re-emphasized the importance of hand washing and discouraged handshaking.