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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Antibiotic Resistance in children increasing across the globe: UK Study

Contributed by: Siddarth David & Dr. Tamhankar

A study published in the British Journal of Medicine (BMJ) showed that antibiotic resistance among children is rising.  A team of UK researchers from University of Bristol and Imperial College London set out to review studies investigating the prevalence of antibiotic resistance  in urinary tract infections caused by E. Coli, responsible for over 80% of all urinary tract infections (UTI) in children.  

The results show a high prevalence of resistance to some of the most commonly prescribed antibiotics for UTI in children. The study also found an association between previous exposure to antibiotics and subsequent resistance in the same child. The researchers also reviewed global studies on the topic and concluded that it was global phenomenon. If current trends persist, expert warn, it could lead to a serious situation in which relatively cheap and easy-to-administer oral antibiotics will no longer be of practical benefit to young UTI patients. 

This calls for a stronger approach to tackle the challenge of antibiotic resistance through stronger policies and regulations from the manufacturing to the prescribing to the consumption.